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گریتینگ الکتروفورج

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Principles of construction

In a single operation twisted or round cross bars are pressed into solid bearing bars under high pressure and at the same time are fully electrically welded. 

High Strength

Through the homogeneous welding of all intersections by the resistance welding process gratings of high stability, maximum strength and optimum load distribution are produced. 

Section Stability

The special construction features of forge-welded gratings provide incomparable resistance to twisting and bending distortion. Even when cut-outs have been made later (which very often cannot be avoided during erection), stability is maintained to a high degree. 

نحوه ساخت گریتینگ الکتروفورج


The gratings are banded at all sides. Banding are equal to bearing bar size (for automatic welding of the banding bar it has to have two stiffening corrugations). 

The gratings are either produced having plain bearing bars or machine serrated bearing bars. 

Length = direction of bearing bars (span)
Width = direction of cross bars (standard panel width being 1000mm)
Size of grating = 800x1000mm 
The first value is always the length

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  • گریتینگ الکتروفورج

    گریتینگ الکتروفورج

    متریال پایه : فولاد ST-37 نوع اتصال : الکتروفورج نوع آبکاری : گالوانیزه گرم - پوشش روی Zn قیمت : بر اساس کیلوگرم برای سفارشات سنگین و عددی برای گریتینگ های مدل دار و سفارشات سبک مقاومت خوردگی : متوسط امکان تولید بر حسب سفارش : دارد ابعاد : 6x1.5m