FRP composite Grating

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FRP composite Grating


MPCo (Moshabbak Pardazan Company) - FRP composite Moulded Grating


 The company of Moshabbak Pardazan " MPCo " was stablished in year 2000 in Tehran-Iran ,in order to carry out the specialized manufacturing of gratings and flooring accessories .

 Moulded FRP gratings are produced in special moulds using a wet lamination procedure .

The glass fibres aree woven together, while the resin. additives and colour pigment if required are introduced in liquid form .

After the material hardnes, the FRP gratings are pressed out of the mould .

 MPCo Moulded FRP gratings have high levels of chemical resistance due to their high resin content .


Advantages / characteristics of MPCo FRP gratings :

Chemical resistance

-High weather resistance

-High corrosion resistance

-High chemical resistance

 Application / Processing

-Moulded gratings are loadbearing in the direction of the supporting rods and the crossbars .

-Relatively low unladen weight

-Simple and quick on-site assembly

-Simple processing and attachment


-High levels of comfort for walking and standing

-Capable of absorbing impacts

-Sound absorbing


-Does not conduct electricity


-No spark formation

-High impact resistance

-Long life span

-Low thermal diffusivity

-High thermal stability

-UV resistant

-Hygienic and bacteriaresistant

-Authorised for food industry


-Low transport cost

-Short delivery times

-Easily stored


-Easily customised to fit difficult shapes

-Pigmentation possible


Price :

FRP-3038  85$/sqm  EX-Work

FRP-3838  95$/sqm EX-Work


 Available Sizes :

100x100 cm

100x200 cm

122x366 cm


Contact us :

Tel  : +98 912 2058277  ( A,Ashouri - senior business director )

Email :  این آدرس ایمیل توسط spambots حفاظت می شود. برای دیدن شما نیاز به جاوا اسکریپت دارید



Span ( CM ) MPCo FRP Moulded Grating Load Table
100 90 80 70 60 50 Loading Mesh Height Type
 250kg  275kg  300kg  325kg  370kg 450kg uniform 38x38  30mm  FRP-3038
 150kg  180kg  200kg  250kg  300kg  350kg concentrated 38x38
 350kg  400kg  700kg  900kg  1000kg  1100kg uniform 38x38  38mm  FRP-3838
 200kg  275kg  450kg  600kg  700kg  750kg concentrated 38x38


 uniform load : Load values of evenly spread load ( 100*100 cm area )

concentrated load : Load values of single load centrally in an area of 200*200 mm