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گریتینگ تسمه در چهار پهلو

گریتینگ تسمه در چهار پهلو

: Technical Specifications for Electroforming Grating

The absorption of high horizontal forces by pressing and welding the intersection points

high resistance

High load bearing capacity, because the bearings are not weakened by welding the cross bars

Good torsional strength even with later cut-offs - keep the unit homogeneous

It has stepped up security steps through twisted-pair twists.

گریتینگ الکتروفورج

Construction Properties

The electroforming grating welding process means that the bearing rods are not weakened, in spite of the heat of welding the electroforming and the twisted, rounded, rounded, under high pressure in a single operation and fully welded.

تسمه های داخل دستگاه الکتروفورج

Shear strength

Special features of the design of electroforming gratings differ in their complexity and shear strength with other gratings.

تسمه های بریده شده تسوط دستگاه


The welded gratings are made for a smooth, double-sided, double-grooved stripping line, ensuring that each longitudinal strip is welded twice to the edge of the bar, with a neat and elegant appearance to the panel. Grating gives.

گریتینگ الکتروفورج

Base material: ST-37 steel

Connection type: electroforming
Plating Type: Hot Galvanized - Zn Zinc Coating
Price: Kg for heavy and numeric orders for stylized gratings and light orders
Corrosion Resistance: Medium
Possibility of production according to the order
Dimensions: 6x1.5m